Diversity with Simplicity

Surface Processing Ltd. have been closely involved in many projects and have vast experience in the implementation and operation of a variety of alternative stripping methods.

Our Processes have been developed to provide simple, cost effective solutions to a vast array of cleaning requirements for a wide range of industry sectors.

Our Process Routes are simple to operate and easily maintained, they are unique to Surface Processing Ltd and have been developed almost entirely in-house.

Cutting out costly margins has given us the freedom to develop the most effective paint stripping and cleaning processes. This, together with our unique knowledge and experience, allows us to provide a reliable, high quality competitive service with low operating costs.


Industries Regulated Services

Automotive Components Wheels, Suspension assemblies, Panels, Bumpers, Brackets, paintline equipment (jigs grids etc)
Agricultural machinery Tractor components, ancillary components, classic tractor restoration, paintline equipment
Storage and Shelving Supermarket shelving, pallet racking systems, paintline equipment
Classic Restoration Shells, Panels, suspension parts, springs, engine blocks, wheels, brackets, fuel tanks etc
Trade coaters Paintline equipment, components
Earthmoving Equipment Hydraulic rams, Components, Paintline equipment
Construction Scaffold systems, shoring and formwork refurbishment
Defence Shell casings, general restoration projects, paintline equipment
Aerospace aircraft components, paintline equipment
Pipeline Equipment Pressure vessels, pipework assemblies, heat exchangers etc
Houseware Brass taps and fittings, white goods, paintline equipment.
Tin Printing Wicket cleaning
Bottled Gas Domestic and industrial gas bottle refurbishment
Fire Extinguishers Both new and refurbishment markets
Food Processing equipment Bins, baking trays, racks, shelves, filters
Architectural Metal structures, gates, railings, statues, heritage projects