Classic Ford Sierra Strip And Restore Acid Dipping

Rally car paint strip is the best way to prepare the shell for work

Mitsubishi Rally Car SPL Paint StripMotorsport is a passion for many car enthusiasts. Whether you are restoring a racing car bodyshell for show use or stripping a rally car chassis for repair, cage upgrade, or a fresh coat of paint, Surface Processing can help achieve your restoration goals.

Our unique multi-stage process allows us to fully strip a bodyshell back to bare metal. This makes welding and shell preparation much easier than having to grind off paint and underseal before every job, not to mention inhaling the noxious fumes from burning the coatings off and then having to clean up the mess.

How many hundreds of hours would be saved on your project with a nice clean shell to get started on? How much dust and mess would be prevented? How many years would you add to your life by not inhaling old paint fumes?! 

Everyone should use the SPL paint dipping method to save effort and unnecessary work. Send your bare car bodyshell to SPL in Dudley West Midlands, and let us put it through our paint stripping process to return a perfectly blank canvas for your motorsport project. This excellent Mitsubishi Evo rally car will go back to a delighted owner, ready for the next stage in drift car preparation. Don’t you want yours done like this? Call us today on 01384 242 010!