Jaguar E-Type Coupe Acid Dip For Restoration

Classic British Icon prepared for rust repair by SPL

Jaguar E-type Coupe Acid Dip for RestorationIt’s impossible to know how many classic Jaguar E-Type coupes there are, parked in garages across the UK, awaiting restoration. One thing we can say is that Surface Processing has acid dipped many classic Jaguars and helped put a large number back on the road.

Our process does remove rust where the treatment solution can get to it, but compacted rust in clenched seams and folds is difficult to treat. If your body stripper says they can remove it without assistance from opening up these areas, take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Sandblasting obviously does not address rust in body seams. Anywhere the blaster’s nozzle can’t get to, rust will remain. Another problem with sandblasting is overheating the metal and putting it way out of shape. The only way to fix this is panel replacement.

This is fine on a floor panel that is coming off anyway, but what about when the roof warps? Imagine putting a new roof on an E-Type Coupe? Blows any money you might save by using cheap sandblasting over our multi-stage acid dipping process.

Going cheap on preparation is the easiest way to ensure a bad restoration. Contact SPL today to discuss the best way to strip paint from your E-Type restoration or any other classic Jaguar.