Lancia Stratos: SPL Acid Dipping For Supercar Restoration

Classy Italian Supercar paint stripped in the UK

Lancia Stratos: SPL Acid Dipping for Supercar RestorationEstablished for more than 30 years, Surface Processing is the UK’s leading provider of acid dipping, underseal removal, and paint stripping services to the UK classic car restoration industry.

Our expertise and experience means SPL receives some very special cars for acid dipping. This classic Lancis Stratos is a great example. Dropped off to our base in Dudley, West Midlands as a bare shell, the bodyshell was firmly fixed to one of our protective body dipping frames before entering the paint strip process.

Here we see the Lancia Stratos shell after our first acid dip treatment of decontamination to remove all shell coverings, including paint, underseal, and other contaminants.

The next stage of the SPL car acid dipping process is for the shell to enter rust removal, where our specialist solutions will break down the oxidation of the steel bodywork. We have some specific advice for anyone contemplating this process to allow the chemicals to access all areas! Contact us for more details.

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