Custom Porsche 993 Speedster Build Shell Dipping

Ninemeister Porsche 993 Speedster Build

Here’s a finished project from a few years ago. This was the Ninemeister Porsche 993 Speedster, which we dipped to acid strip the paint when the builders had finished all their metalwork.

“Proud to announce that the construction work on the shell is now finished, all the welds have been dressed, the build frame has been fabricated and fitted and the car is on the dolly waiting to go down to Surface Processing tomorrow morning,” said 9M’s Colin Belton on the day it left Warrington.

A couple of weeks later, the completed shell was ready for collection having been electro-coated, with our dipping into the electro-bonded rust-proof coating filling all those risky nooks and crannies.

We are always delighted to discuss custom projects with car builders and enthusiasts. Our decades of experience in paint stripping car bodyshells makes us the industry leaders in acid dipping and rust prevention. Call us on 01384 242010 to discuss your custom project. Our work will ensure you get a finish like this!