Ford Ka Rally Car Paint Strip And Clean

Ford Ka Rally Car: Roll Cage Clean and Decontaminate

Ford Ka Rally Car Paint Strip and CleanThis Ford Ka rally car recently arrived at Surface Processing Limited in Dudley, West Midlands for full acid dipping. The shell had already been dipped once, back to bare metal. It had then gone back to the racing team to be fitted with a full roll cage.

After the roll cage was fitted, it returned to our acid dipping workshops to be cleaned up again, and provide a clean surface for paint application. The process took just a few hours the second time around so was cheaper than the first dipping.

We undertake work for most of the leading British motorsport teams, including Prodrive WRC and many of the historic racing teams. Racing cars put through our process include original Subaru WRC cars and Honda touring cars.

The unique SPL process is the best way to ensure your car receives a top-quality finish. Call us today on 01384 242010 to get your car booked for acid dipping.