VW Camper Rust Removal Restoration

Volkswagen Campers now Too Big to E-Coat

VW Camper Rust Removal RestorationBad news for Volkswagen camper van restorers as they can no longer use our e-coat rust prevention primer system. The vans are now too big to be treated.

Threads like this one show the dangers of sandblasting: most restorers prefer acid dipping for restoration. Many VW restoration blogs show how difficult it is to work on a VW camper or Type 2 bus restoration without acid dipping the van first.

Unfortunately, we can no longer electrophoretic coat camper vans due to their size. We offer a strip-only service: the customer must make their own arrangements to prime/paint after stripping. While SPL can no longer electrophoretic rustproof coat the full-size VW van bodyshell, we can do individual panels. For example, a camper door costs just £75.00. Other parts carry similar prices.

However, we can e-coat all Volkswagen Camper panels but would still recommend that they be repaired before being painted. It is also wise to open the folded hem seam at the bottom of the door skin, as there is often heavy corrosion in this area.

Any parts that are returned after repair will need to be recleaned before e-coat: there is an additional cost for this service. Call us for more details on 01384 242010.