VW Camper Paint Stripping Cost

Price to Acid Dip a VW Type 2 Bus Camper body

Scott messaged us through the Surface Processing Facebook page (now over 10,000 likes) to ask for a quote on his VW 23-window Samba camper van, including panels and bumpers.

We are in awe of VW van restorers: beautiful vehicles but so much work to restore. Our process saves a huge amount of labour. Assuming all panels are steel, our price to multi-stage acid dip and paint strip a body of this size would be £995 for the bodyshell and panels.

While SPL can no longer electrophoretic rustproof coat the full-size VW van bodyshell, we can do individual panels. For example, a camper door costs just £75.00. Other parts carry similar prices.

We always recommend a second dip after repairs are made, to fully clean the body before primer and paint. This is much cheaper than the first intensive dip: usually around half the price.

To check availability and booking dates, call SPL from Mon-Fri on 01384 242010. Prices quoted are correct at July 21, 2014 and all prices are plus VAT.