Classic BMW E30 M3 Paint Strip Restoration

Strip and Zinc Prime historic BMW E30 M3 Coupe

This classic BMW E30 M3 recently visited Surface Processing for full paint strip and underseal removal as part of a comprehensive restoration.

Our acid dipping tank was a great place to start the process of restoring this highly sought-after BMW M3. With more than 3,000 shells and panels treated to date, SPL’s unique chemical immersion paint and rust removal system has the most experience in the UK.

Acid dipping cleans the areas that other processes – notably sandblasting or media blasting – simply cannot reach. The bodyshell undergoes no stress and there is no mess left to clean up, with blast media rattling around in nooks and crannies years later.

Of course, our advanced technology corrosion protection was a must once the shell was fully repaired for rust and corrosion. Quite simply, there is no better base for a cherished car restoration than the SPL system. Call us on 01384 242010 for more details.