Classic Ford Escort And Cortina Paint Strip

Prices to Acid Dip a Ford Lotus Cortina bodyshell

Paul emailed us through the Surface Processing Facebook page to ask for a price on his Mark 1 Ford Cortina. He wants to strip the full two-door shell including doors, boot lid, and bonnet.

Classic Ford cars are a mainstay of our business and we have stripped hundreds of Cortinas and Escorts. Assuming all parts are steel and not aluminium, we charge £845 for the first deep strip of the bodyshell and panels.

We always recommend a second strip to clean the body shell fully after repairs. This is charged at £450 on a shell of this size.

Essential to any classic car restoration is rust protection once the restoration is finished. To electrophoretic coat this classic Ford bodyshell only would cost £1450. To coat the panels – two doors, boot, and bonnet – would cost £300.

With more than 3,000 bodyshells stripped and protected, SPL is the UK leader in high-quality acid dipping and stripping. Contact SPL on 01384 242010 for more details. Prices are correct in July 2014: all prices quoted are plus VAT.