Priceless Ferrari 250 GT SWB Restoration

It’s Ferrari Friday here at Surface Processing Limited: time to remember some of the classic Maranello models we have sent through the acid dip tanks in full restoration.

This superb Ferrari 250 GT SWB is almost priceless. Recent (2013) auction sale prices of more than $8M would be surpassed for great cars nowadays, so it was a privilege to have this amazing machine on our premises.

One of the most important GT racers of its time, the 250 GT Berlinetta SWB got its name from the short 94-inch wheelbase, designed into the car for better handling. The 250 GT SWB won the GT class of the 1961 World Sportscar constructors’ championship. Just 176 Ferrari 250 GT SWBs were built: some in aluminium, some in steel. This car is a steel-bodied example, which was dipped twice in restoration and then covered in our unique e-coat electrically bonded rust-resistant primer.

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