Why Choose SPL?

We have processed over 4000 Classic and Motorsport shells since 1994 and our customers return time and time again


Before - Panel Cross Section

At SPL we have been successfully cleaning automotive components, panels and shells for new car production since 1994. When components are manufactured and painted there are inevitably rejects and our process has been designed to cost effectively recover these items. Over the years we have recovered parts for many of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, MG Rover, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Honda, BMW as well as many of their component suppliers. We are a BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 registered company and our processes utilise tried and tested methods and chemistry recognised within modern automotive manufacture.

Around 96% of the worlds vehicles manufactured today will at some point have undergone an immersion pre-treatment operation on their shells, panels and a whole host of components. These are tried and tested processes that we ourselves offer to car and component manufacturers. We continually look to improve the effectiveness of our systems and strive to offer our customers the best commercially available processes.

Beware of companies that offer to remove 100 % of the rust, this is simply not possible and is a clear indication that they do not understand what they are doing.


After - Reaching areas other methods simply can't

Blasting your shell can lead to irreversible damage and will only clean the areas that the blasting nozzle can reach leaving difficult to reach areas exposed and invariably rusty.So called more gentle blasting medias are not effective against rust and unless they are primed within a few short hours they will inevitably give problems later down the line. On top of that is the major issue of debris removal where paint, rust and media become trapped in the recesses of the shell giving issues with paintwork and rust for years to come.

The SPL cleaning process is unique. We welcome visitors to our site and are keen to help each of our customers with help and advice about the process itself and how best to prepare each project to ensure the best results. It is paramount to us that our customers understand what they can achieve with our process and how it can be improved by following our recommendations and thinking it through.

A shell and its panels are complex and intricate. Each individual manufacturer offers a myriad of manufacturing design and techniques, some good and some not so good. By following our recommendations we believe that you can achieve the removal of the vast majority of the rust in your project far more than any other process available.

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"It's attention to detail that makes the car worth more than the sum of its parts, and with SPL, it's a job well done..."